Here’s what customers have to say about Helmet Fresh®

“This stuff really works. I have no choice but to wear a helmet in my state. It is required by law. I was going to buy a new helmet just because of the smell. I tried Helmet Fresh and WOW! The smell was completely gone. It smelled like, well, nothing.”
– Ron H., San Diego, CA

“Running sand rails in the desert you can get pretty funky. My helmet smelled so bad I could not stand to ride with myself. It was either play without one, or use a nose plug. After I used Helmet Fresh my old helmet had no odor at all.”
– Preston J., Tucson, AZ

“To test the product, we borrowed an off-road helmet with lots of use and a few cleanings to its credit. Indeed, the smell emanating from the interior was horribly repulsive, even to the owner. After kneading the clear fluid into the liner, we left the helmet to air dry. Once it had dried, the helmet didn’t smell like new, or even like cheap perfume. In fact, it didn’t smell at all.”
Cycle World magazine

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